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Here you will find complete sets for your page.
Things you should know.

1. These images were made to be used with the background they are on.
2. If you use a different background you may get "JAGGED" edges, especially on the header text.
3.To collect images, right click on them then "save as" to your hard drive. Background as well.
4. Do Not link any of these images back to my server!!!
5. Let me know if you use any images so I can put you on my link page.
6. These images are all in .gif format do not change them to .jpg. They will not work!
7. Enough already. ENJOY!!!

These images are freeware.
Please feel free to use them for your personal homepage.
With the following restriction.
Pofolks4 retains copyrights to these images.
They may not be included in any image collection for distribution.

Use my images PLEASE give me credit. Thanks!!
Just copy and paste the HTML code below in your page.Thanks!

Set 1. Set 2. Set 3. Set 4. Set 5. Set 6.
Set 7. Set 8. Set 9. Set 10. Set 11. Set 12.
Set 13. Set 14. Set 0. Set 0. Set 0. Set 0.
Set 0. Set 0. Set 0. Set 0. Set 0. Set 0.

Copy and paste this into your HTML.


It will look like this.