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Over 12 Megs of MIDI's. Over 200 Selections.Enjoy!!

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Rock and Roll will always be.Songs of my teen years. They were great!Disco,Bellbottoms and then Heavy MetalA softer kind of rock. Air Supply etc.Rap Crap and Lots of Women singers
Still the King...Some think still alive :)The Invasion beginsThe BEST!! My favorite group.Grab your Hat and Boots    Yee HaaA little twang. I like this stuff
When you danced with a partner.                    Jesus is the Reason. Not Glimmer season!
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As far as I know these Midi files are in the public domain.
If any are copywrited and you do not wish to have them here.
Call my Lawyer. :)
Or accept my thanks for all who made these MIDI files.
You are all talented.
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